Wind River, Inc.

URL: Corporate Intranet – no URL available

Site Type: Corporate Intranet and Support Site

I was contracted to redesign the existing site to improve the site and page architecture for Juniper’s Human Resources Intranet. The new User Interface had to harmonize with the existing design used by other departments. As the company was in the process of changing its brand, the re-designed site had to allow for easy re-branding. This was achieved through use of CSS stylesheets and Dreamweaver templating.

The project management component was complex: during the project I had three various project managers/liaisons and spent much time interviewing the members of the HR team to ensure that all goals could be met by the new designs and that there were no gaps in the content.

Included in the project was a training component so the client could maintain the site with their own internal resources.

Page count: The HR site was about 150 pages, the support site numbered in the tens of thousands.

Skill Sets / Tools: XHTML, HTML, CSS, Interwoven content management, Information Architecture, Project Management, Dreamweaver/Homesite.

Role: HTML/CSS development, Graphic Design, Information Architecture