August 12, 2014


The focus of my services are on the “font end” of website design. This includes designing and building the site. The primary services I can provide are:

Website design

  • Design: Also referred to as “look-and-feel” covers the appearance of the site and includes color selection, font selection, and arrangement of objects on the webpage. This is a strongly collaborative process where I work with you to ensure that the look of the site matches your goals and needs. We will work in an iterative process to refine the design until it is satisfacory.
  • Responsive design: Responsive design is a new standard of building web pages so your site displays and functions properly on phones, tablets and computers, that a design “responds” differently depending on which device is used. Previously websites were designed separately so that you would have one mobile phone site, another site for standard computers and another site for tablets – all of which would have to be maintained separately.
  • Information Architecture (or “IA”): Information architecture involves the organization of the pages and the location of information and how it is located on the page. Well-executed information architecture ensures that the most relevant information is displayed in the best location. The goal is to guide the user to a perform a task such as buying a product or contacting you for more information.
  • User Experience (or “UX”): User experience is generally an analysis of the overall experience that a user has while using the site. Traditionally user experience looked at how users navigated through the site to determine whether they could find the relevant information.
  • Search Engine Optimization (or “SEO”): Search engine optimization analyses your webpage content in relation to how this content is returned on search sites such as Google. The goal is to bring your site as close to the top of the search results for a given set of terms or term.
  • Multi-variant testing or AB-testing: Multi-variant testing is a way to improve upon a site design by testing alternate versions of the site in the “real world” by having two or more versions of a page accessible to users at the same time. The performance results of the pages are compared to determine which page design works better. This is a great way to safely and incrementally improve a website using accurate data.
  • Testing: Testing is the most important aspect of creating a website. I will ensure that all design and functions work on the broadest possible number of browsers and computer operating systems so your site can reach the largest audience possible. I have years of experience working with various technologies to ensure the quality of my work.
  • Project Management: As a former manager of teams in complex organizations, I have project management experience that ensures that timelines and expectations are met and that any issues that surface are communicated quickly for resolution.
  • WordPress: I believe in utilizing content management tools when it makes sense. Among the best and easiest to use is WordPress which I can design and configure for you and then hand off to you for the routine maintenance of the site if required.

Complex websites involving “applications” are are best handled by teams of individuals with more specialized knowledge: If you are looking to create new web-based services utilizing technology that you are envisioning yourself – versus “off-the-shelf” services that already exist – and looking for someone to build it for you then I would not be an appropriate choice for you.

Print Design

  • I have designed magazine, newspapers, packaging, posters, hand-bills, business cards and a variety of other print projects. I served as a production manager for a publisher for years responsible for design, production, conducting press checks and working closely with editorial teams.


  • I have created many custom illustrations for clients including magazine covers, posters, invitations and programs. I prefer to work in pen and ink for these illustrations to promote a hand-crafted look.