Eric Pedersen - Escama Studio Card Handouts

Escama Studio – Print Examples

Escama Studio is a line of hand bags manufactured in Brazil from recycled aluminum pull tabs, they type you find on top of aluminum cans. I designed the first runs of the collateral pieces including logo designs, line sheets designs, some product design and POS displays.

Eric Pedersen - Business Park Maps publication series

Business Park Maps

This product was a series of maps showcasing business parks in various regions. The maps were created from panels of advertising on one side and a map pinpointing property locations for lease on the reverse. The reverse side also had additional advertising that had to be created for each client.

Eric Pedersen - Logo

Site Type: Branding This was an example of under-the-gun design. I was asked to come up with a logo for use within 4 hours of this newly created brand. The design had to work equally as well for the web as it would for print. Skill Sets / Tools: Freehand, Illustrator