Making Dinner – The Band

The Making Dinner site supports the activities of a band: showcases upcoming shows, presents band-member bios, provides sample audio and video files and more. The challenge for the site was to take the navigation system and get it to look legibly and consistently in mobile and tablet views.

Randall Museum

This is the second iteration of the website I’ve completed for the Randall Museum. This iteration re-imagined the user interface, information architecture, content and design elements. The project was carried out to coincide with the renovation of the museum and to provide some point of interest while the museum was temporarily closed. Design elements were Read more about Randall Museum[…]

Stepping Up Podcast

The Stepping Up Podcast site is mainly a visual conduit to enticing users to download the Stepping Up podcast series. The goal was to provide a site that was as simple as possible while utilizing a more traditional site structure with multiple pages.

Debbie Ghidinelli, LMFT

An informational site designed for the Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst Debbie Ghidinelli to provide a web presence, outline the services she offers, and present her biographical details to potential clients. Built using WordPress.

Lee Rather, P.h.D.

Lee Rather, Ph.D

Website of Lee Rather, Ph.D. psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. A professional services site highlighting the core practice areas, publications and presentations. This is the second iteration of the site to incorporate a responsive design. I liked the redesign well enough to borrow the template for my own site.

Eric Pedersen - Chaibar SF Homepage

Chai Bar San Francisco

The Chai Bar San Francisco site introduces the offerings of this retail cafĂ© in the heart of the Midtown portion of Market Street in San Francisco. The site uses Zurb Foundation’s framework at it’s core to provide the responsive site skeleton.

Eric Pedersen - Nocturne Podcast Homepage


The Nocturne site was created to highlight the monthly Podcast content developed by Vanessa Lowe. The focus of the site was to support the mood of the podcasts which focus on everything to do with the night. The site relies heavily on the custom artwork my wife, Robin Galante, created for the site prior to Read more about Nocturne[…]

Eric Pedersen - Dawn Farber Homepage

Doctor Dawn Farber

This site was created to promote and describe the services of Doctor Dawn Farber, Psychoanalyst, therapist, teacher and author. The 17-page site is a responsive WordPress site designed and modified to enable the client to perform the maintenance and to allow for blogging. Included were the SEO, design, site build, and instructions/documentation.

Eric Pedersen - Escama Studio Card Handouts

Escama Studio – Print Examples

Escama Studio is a line of hand bags manufactured in Brazil from recycled aluminum pull tabs, they type you find on top of aluminum cans. I designed the first runs of the collateral pieces including logo designs, line sheets designs, some product design and POS displays.

Eric Pedersen - Business Park Maps publication series

Business Park Maps

This product was a series of maps showcasing business parks in various regions. The maps were created from panels of advertising on one side and a map pinpointing property locations for lease on the reverse. The reverse side also had additional advertising that had to be created for each client.

Eric Pedersen - Logo

Site Type: Branding This was an example of under-the-gun design. I was asked to come up with a logo for use within 4 hours of this newly created brand. The design had to work equally as well for the web as it would for print. Skill Sets / Tools: Freehand, Illustrator

Eric Pedersen - Dun and Bradstreet Corporate Website

D& – Dun and Bradstreet Corporate Site

The D& site is a corporate website emphasizing products and D&B’s position in the corporate credit marketplace. I served as Production manager and Web Producer responsible for the development and maintenance of the site with a small team of web producers.

Eric Pedersen - Hoover's Mobile Website

Hoover’s Mobile Site (Responsive Site)

The Hoover’s mobile site was added in 2013 and targeted a sub-section of the data on the full Hoover’s site. The mobile site utilizes a responsive design framework and design but targets only mobile devices. I served as developer and production manager for the project.

Eric Pedersen - Hoover's Website


The Hoover’s site is a templated data-driven site with millions of pages and primarily serves as a lead generation tool. My primary role was to guide the development of the site in addition to personally building pages and configuring the Adobe Test&Target multi-variant tests.

Eric Pedersen - AllBusiness Homepage is a large web portal consisting of 7 million plus original and licensed articles aimed at small and medium businesses. I was a web producer and later production manager responsible for developing, testing and releasing all static content pages and maintaining the display of all pages.

Eric Pedersen - Escama Studio Website

Escama Studio

Escama Studio is a line of hand bags manufactured in Brazil from recycled materials. I helped Escama, now Escama Studios, get off the ground as a co-founder with Andy Krumholz. I built the original website, created marketing materials and assorted graphic design projects.

Eric Pedersen - Genentech Department Sites


Originally I contracted for Genentech to build sub-sites for the various Genentech departments using in-house Dreamweaver templates called the “Site Builder Tooklit” then trained internal users on how to update the sites. Later I was folded into the main intranet team to help update the main intranet site.

Eric Pedersen - Juniper Networks Intranet

Juniper Networks Corporate Intranet

The Juniper Networks Corporate Intranet portal that sought to gather all internal documents and organize them in a coherent manner for Juniper Network employees. My role was to rebuild the site in a new look-and-feel, improve the information architecture, to provide daily updates and to train other to update sections belonging to their group or department.

Eric Pedersen - ZaZen Cafe Website


The site was to be an Ecommerce site driven by Agoracart – an open-source software based on PERL which I modified. I was the sole developer/designer on the project so I was doing all the front-end and back-end development without any outside assistance.

Eric Pedersen - Wind River Support Website

Wind River, Inc.

The Wind River Human Resources site was a rebuild of an existing site designed to improve the usability focussing on the information architecture. I also trained internal resources and documented the site in order to hand-off the daily maintenance of the site to the HR group. Afterwards I was retained to provide updates to the Wind River Support Site.

Eric Pedersen - Ross Levy Architect Website

Levy Architects

The Levy Architecture site was a portfolio site built to highlight projects completed by the firm. I designed and built all aspects of the site working closely with the firm’s owner, Ross Levy. The images presented here are mainly to demonstrate my iterative design process.

Eric Pedersen - Meet World Trade Website

Meet World Trade

Meet World Trade was a sourcing platform (Like Alibaba) matching developing-nation producers with developed nation manufacturers. I was the lead designer and web producer and later added user experience and information architecture under my responsibilities. I led a team of web developers in maintaining the site.

Eric Pedersen - Fred Finch Youth Center Website

Fred Finch Youth Center

The Fred Finch Youth Center was designed and built for the not-for-profit for internal maintenance. I provided the information architecture, design, the completed site, training and documentation.