The Hoover’s website is primarily a dynamic site with millions of entries of company profile pages representing a snapshot of the data sold in the commercial products provided by Hoover’s. The profiles are broken into more discrete pages with financial, marketing, competition information etc. The site excels in driving lead generation by engaging users in product trials and targeted messaging. We leveraged Adobe Experience Manager by tying in 3rd party data to identify and target users with specific messaging.

Much of the work by myself and the team focussed on building and managing the template design and builds, testing the effectivity of the page content via Adobe Test&Target and in creating marketing landing pages for driving conversion to the commercial products.

Rather than creating a responsive version of the site we created a mobile version which is built using a responsive framework for future enablement but is limited to only mobile and sub-tablet views since it was determined the big browser site worked fine on tablets.

Role: Production Manager, CSS/HTML Development, Adobe Test&Target