Escama Studio – Print Examples

Escama Studio is a line of hand bags manufactured in Brazil from recycled aluminum pull tabs, they type you find on top of aluminum cans. They are then crocheted together to create the form. The bags are produced by the women of the Cia do Lacre and As Panteras do Lacre cooperatives – cooperatives independently established to help women in the under-developed areas around Brasilía, Brazil, to gain entrepreneurial experience.

I’m a founder of sorts but Andy runs the show. I help from the sidelines when I can doing the collateral materials, the Escama web site and I help with marketing.

The first image is the Linesheet we send to prospective retailers.

8.5″ by 11″ printed by digital offset in various quantities as needed. This is also distributed electronically as a PDF.

Skill Sets / Tools: Digital offset

Role: Designer, Producer