August 3, 2014

About Me

About Eric Pedersen, Web Producer and Designer

I’ve been actively developing and maintaining websites for over fourteen years specializing in front-end development and user experience. I began my career as a graphic designer and illustrator and in 1996 began to develop for the web as a producer/designer. After several years of web development I began to get deeper into user experience, information architecture and managing web production teams. Along the way I’ve built sites for smaller clients as a contractor and went back into the world of print production for a few years as production manager and publication designer.

What I like most about web design and development is the collaboration with business owners to define and execute against a stated goal or goals. I’m interested in many aspects of business (be it for profit or not-for-profit) and so I make extra effort to understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. I also believe in testing: the ability to try out ideas in a real environment is also crucial to me to verify that we’ve selected and verified a correct approach towards building a site. I believe there’s always more than one right answer to any question. If I’ve learned anything it’s that some ideas need to be tried again—some who profess to have tried something and failed might have missed something along the way.

About Eric Pedersen, the real guy

I live in the Outer Richmond district of San Francisco (or Lower, Outer Sea Cliff if I’m feeling fancy). My backyard overlooks Golden Gate Park and I can smell the Pacific Ocean so I’m never leaving. In the off-hours I’m a musician performing with my wife Robin Galante (a very talented writer, musician and artist) who writes the music we perform in the local cafés such as Simple Pleasures, Bazaar Cafe and Velo Rouge among others. I play guitar and sing and play a little bass and mandolin. I love digital recording and the ability to create complex recordings while in my PJs. I’m a news geek especially for international politics and I’m especially hooked on the science-minded radio program RadioLab. I’m also a visual artist who loves to paint and draw although I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with painting. I’m also a geek for etymology (that’s words, not bugs). Here’s my favorite etymological entry of late – Slubberdegullion. Use it.

Should you want, you can learn even more about me on my personal site at